Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just getting started

Thought I'd start a blog today to store all those thoughts that come to fruition but all too often rot on the vine.


Marshal said...
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Marshal said...

opps a mis spelling on that 1st comment........duuu

Hey, just saw your comment on my blog, hows it going, will keep an eye on your "musings"


MTBPilot said...

Thanks Marshal. Things are going pretty good. I was very happy for you when I read about your AZT trip. Congrats!

Marko said...

Jim, nice to see you have got a blog going.


Jim said...

Thanks Marko! Good to hear from you!

I've got to say I still feel bad about that ride we did and you having to stop for all the flats I got. I was so fed up with my bike by the end of that ride.