Friday, May 23, 2008

Black Hills Date Set

We’ve decided on a date for our family vacation to the Black Hills (June 21-29th). It’ll be fun to see old friends, get some riding in, and go camping with my wife and daughter.

This will be my second attempt at trying to link the Centennial Trail with the Mickelson Trail. Last year Marshal and I tried it at the end of July but it was way too hot (~105*F) and we cut it short. I'm hoping that trying it a month earlier will keep temperatures in the *comfortable* range. I'll write more about the upcoming trip and last year's attempt in the next few blogs.

(I always like riding the Penny when I go up to see Tony. We like to do the 'old-timer' family portraits and the last time we were there we used the Penny as a backdrop. You get the funniest looks riding down Main Street on it...Or maybe it's just that I'm so funny lookin')

Sounds like Tony's thinking about closing up shop at Deadwood Bicycles...I know he's been struggling but it's always sad to see a friend's business dry up.


Anonymous said...

Good luck out on the Black Hills trail this yr, you going to try the same route?

Jim said...

I think I will try to keep it pretty much the same. I've been thinking about starting at I-90 instead of Bear Butte just to cut that creek crossing out...but I keep going back and forth on that one. I'm also considering having my bike shuttled around the Black Elk Wilderness while I run through...still not sure yet...but I can tell you that rented RVs, bikes, and the narrow Needles Hwy don't mix too well.

Are you getting prepped for GLR?