Friday, May 13, 2011

An update

Well, these updates are turning into almost annual updates...I promise to do better in the future...I might take a step back and blog on some of these 2010 events in more detail in the future. For now, here's a recap:

Let's see...I spent a lot of time hiking around Idaho collecting water samples for work.

Went to Teton Pass to do some riding...A little too early for the first trip but nailed it on the second trip...

Got a chance to do a solo trip outside of Afton, WY in the Wyoming Range. I saw absolutely no one (and no one bothered to tell me that riding with my headphones was illegal). I think it was about 30 miles and some of that had no trail. I was waaaay out of shape to be doing it but it was still fun.

Rode in Green River, WY on my travel day to SE Idaho.

I took my family on vacation to WY, ID, and MT.

Raced the Dakota-Five-O (didn't do so well)

I started taking glider lessons out of Boulder and soloed in October

Took a tow out of Driggs, ID in a glider and stayed up for 2hrs right next to the Grand.

Went skiing with my daughter.

Went skiing with a good friend from Montana.

Built a couple new RC planes, went RC flying with friends, and wrecked a plane.