Monday, July 27, 2009

My other passion

I love flying just as much as I love biking.

It's always an internal conflict on the weekends...Do I go flying or do I go biking? The videos below show what kind of fun we have in the mountains with our RC gliders. Just a bunch of boys playing with their toys! Karl took the first video up on McClellan Mtn near where I'll be riding next Saturday. NO MOTOR on this RC plane, just using the wind like a wave and the backside of the mountain like an eddy behind a rock in a river (dynamic soaring). The whole group of Front Range RC slope pilots are a blast to hang out with. Sometimes we do combat and try to knock each other out of the sky, sometimes we do fast dynamic soaring circles going for personal speed records, and sometimes we just get mezmerized by the fluidity and grace of riding the wind. You can bet that while I'm grinding up Argentine Pass, I'll be thinking about the wind conditions on McClellan.

(Video from Karl Decker)

Here's another video of Nick reaching unreal speeds with his glider (from Ian)

The sounds of DSing at Jones Pass (from Ian)

Combat on Lookout Mtn (Zion) (from Ian)

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